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Marriage and Faith in Kentucky April 2016

Relationships, Sexuality, Porn and Marriage in our Culture
As the former director of Heritage of Kentucky (presenting a highly successful Abstinence until Marriage program called Heritage Keepers (HK)), one of the main issues that we dealt with and battled against was the impact of porn across every part of our culture! Nowhere is that more prevalent than in the curriculum and programs of Planned Parenthood. They disguise porn as “education” and promote it with the unfettered aid of today’s liberal media and financial support of government programs…our tax dollars at work.
In so doing, the HK program pointed out the debilitation and destruction associated with porn in the present, and gave the scientific evidence to support this claim as well as that of long-term and future harm. The damage, while very real and difficult to overcome in fully-grown adults, is even more devastating in teen and young adult’s developing minds.
As time has passed the horrific consequences on lives, minds, relationships, especially marriages and families, have come to pass and we are reaping the whirlwind in our homes and across our culture and society!
I often made the case that if our government and media would be truthful about “free sex” and porn (what they call “safe sex”), as they had done with the campaign regarding tobacco and its cover up, our children and future families would benefit greatly. They have, at least up to this point, been complicit in the cover up and even more so, the promotion of, the “porn as education” (safe sex education) agenda making it all the more easy to arrive at the current state of our pornified culture.
However, that may be changing…we can only hope, continue to pray and battle. The truth does come out. As they say, “the proof’s in the pudding.” it is very encouraging (at least at this point until they “spin” it otherwise as is often the case), to see the liberal media willing to speak the truth on the issue of porn and its overwhelmingly negative impact on society. The liberal leaning, or perhaps I should say, liberal bastions of Time magazine, The Washington Post and The New York Times have all recently brought this issue to light. NOTE: These articles do not make the connection between porn and “safe sex education” as that is mine…but it is very real.
Here’s a great summary article from BreakPoint’s, Eric Metaxas, in particular, on Time’s cover article dedicated to the issue. Hopefully, those who’ve been blinded to this issue will now see, those who have been willingly complicit will be exposed, justly indicted and held accountable, and those who have stood firm will continue to do so! We must stand strong in this battle for there is so much at stake!
Here at the Kentucky Marriage Movement we desire to partner with couples, churches and communities to help present and encourage God’s design for relationships, marriage and sexuality. We offer various marriage events (Love and Respect and Art of Marriage video conferences and the Love and Lordship events) that help individuals and couples build healthy relationships that glorify the Lord.
We do weekend events, as well as tailoring the schedule to fit yours…weekdays and weeknights as well. We must stand strong and together on this for the sake of our children and families and for their future..and their future families.
Each of us leaves a legacy…we do not get a choice in this. But we do get to choose what kind of legacy we will leave.
Contact Greg ([email protected] or 859.255.5400 – Office/859.229.6504 – Cell) for more info or to schedule an event for your church, group or community.