Community Initiatives

If you’re passionate about doing your part to strengthen marriage, please consider starting a Community Marriage Initiative (CMI).

What would a Community Marriage Initiative do?

  1. Community Marriage Covenants – Pastors, judges and community leaders in a specific town or county join together and sign a public agreement to make healthy marriages a priority in their congregations and community. They often agree not to marry couples that have not participated in some type of premarital education.
  2. Create a network of pastors, lay leaders and counselors that provide premarital education and marriage enrichment.
  3. Host marriage celebration banquets.
  4. Provide a marriage mentoring program for newlywed couples.
  5. Participate in marriage education training events and conferences.
  6. Teach youth about healthy marriage and committed relationships.

These are just some ideas of what a CMI can do. Visit the Ideas page for additional things you can do to strengthen and promote marriage within your congregation and community.