Marriage and Relationship Events

KENTUCKY MARRIAGE MOVEMENT Marriage and Relationship Events (see event info below)

The Kentucky Marriage Movement and The Family Foundation are pleased to have presented the nationally renowned Love & Respect and The Art of Marriage video conferences to over 5000 people over the past four years in communities throughout Kentucky. Thousands more have joined us for our Love and Lordship events.  Come find out how you can enrich your marriage and help strengthen others! We are working to see a Marriage Movement sweep across Kentucky that will work to re-establish a Marriage Culture in our churches, communities and commonwealth and encourage every married couple. We look forward to continuing these wonderful, challenging and enriching events and to seeing you there.  We would love to join with you to make the institution of Marriage and YOUR marriage all they can be!


Following are details (times are approximate) for each of the Marriage Events we offer (click on dates for details and to register):

Love and Lordship Events (classes, conference/seminar or retreats) – Click on dates for specific info and/or to register.  Flexible scheduling based on what the church is looking for.  Sun morning and weeknight evening class series as well as one night events, one day events, 2 day events (Fri/Sat) or 3 day weekends.  7 sessions (First 4 sessions are foundation and any or all of the final 3 sessions are added as churches desire):  1) The Lordship of Christ: Lordship, Authority and Truth; 2) Our Discipleship Response: Finding Out Who You Were Created To Be; 3) Discipleship and Relationship: What We Were Created For; 4) Relationships and Marriage: Christ and His Bride – Purity and Holiness; 5) Marriage, Family and Parenting: God’s Way: The Building Blocks, and a Reflection of, Christ’s Church; 6) Marriage, Family and Servant-leadership in Christ’s Church: God’s Design for Growing His Family; 7) Christ’s Church into the World: Cunning as Serpents, Gentle as Doves

FEB 2 – SISTERS FOR LIFE “MARRIAGE FOR LIFE” SEMINARS, Lake Forest Lodge, 511 Woodlake Dr, Lou, KY 40245 (Recurring Dates TBD)

FEB 19 – APR 17 – BLACKBURN CORRECTIONAL CHAPEL, 3111 Spurr Rd, Lexington, KY 40511 (Tue Afternoon Series)

MAR 1-2, KATRINA’S SCHOOL OF DANCE STUDIO310 Main St, Carrollton, KY 41008 (Love & Lordship 2-Day Life Retreat)

FEB 20 – APR 17 – ISAIAH HOUSE, 2084 Main StWillisburg, KY 40078 (Love & Lordship Wednesday Morning Series)


Love and Respect Video Conference – Click on dates for specific info and/or to register.  Fri evening (6 – 10pm); Sat morning (8am – 1:30pm) covering these 5 sessions:  I) The Crazy Cycle; II) The Energizing Cycle, Part 1; III) The Energizing Cycle, Part 2; IV) Practical Application; V) The Rewarded Cycle

Check back for more opportunities and details regarding Love and Respect events.

The Art of Marriage Video Conference (from FamilyLife) – Click on dates below for details and/or to register – similar schedule and times as Love and Respect or can be adjusted and shortened either on Fri evening (from 6:30 – 9pm) or on Sat (8 – Noon).  This includes the following sessions:  I) Love Happens; II) Love Fades; III) Love Dances; IV) Love Interrupted; V) Love Sizzles and; VI) Love Always.

MAR 8-9 – SHIVELY BAPTIST CHURCH, 1599 Sadie Ln, Louisville, KY 40216